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OEM Casino Radio presents the latest and current news on poker and casino games across the globe. One of the highlighted reports we offer here are new online poker bonuses by online poker rooms.

Casino E Cigarette Announcement

Many poker aficionados prefer to smoke while playing. It can be a stress reliever or just a psychological craving. If you’re playing online and you have kids in the room, you have to wait for the game to end so you can step out for a cigarette break. You can probably run out in between turns but risk mucking your hand. Even if you play at a private club or casino, there will be a lot of unhappy people if you light up at a game table. Try V2 Cigs and you’ll have 10 flavors and four nicotine strengths to choose from. You can even smoke non-nicotine cartridges as placebo if you want to gradually kick the habit. Best of all, V2 Cigs can cut your smoking expenses by up to 75 percent!

Enjoy massive savings with the V2 Cigs coupon code and start vaping smoke-free on your next poker game. If v2 isn’t the brand for you there is always Blu Cigs and their Blu Cigs coupon. Electronic cigarettes are designed to give you the same satisfaction as tobacco products do but without the negative effects of smoking. Ecigs offer a cleaner way to get your nicotine fix – no tar, no foul smell, no carbon monoxide, no ashes, and no butts.

Latest Poker Bonus Update!

Full Tilt Poker is now back online and is offering the largest sign up bonus that they have every given out. Check out their latest Full Tilt bonus code and take advantage of it while it’s available. If you aren’t a fan of Full Tilt, then William Hill Poker would be the next best thing. This goes for the William Hill Poker promo code as well.

Along with the ever changing news on poker like the WPT and WSOP. We must stay up to date with the latest bonus codes due to the popular online poker rooms continuously upgrading their promotions to bigger bonuses and better game play.

For the average poker player online this is the most vital information for them. Staying updated on these bonuses will keep you one step ahead of the competition in weekly Freeroll tournaments and daily gameplay.

A prime example of poker room bonus updates is Titan Poker and their sign up bonus when using the Titan Poker bonus code. A few months ago the bonus was a measly 150% up to $600. Now it is up to an amazing 200% up to $2000! That’s incredible and this is exactly why we must stay up to date on these poker bonuses or else we’re cutting ourselves short.

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